Revitalizing Your Eyes: 4 Stunning Swimming Pool Designs

Everyone dreams of having a backyard escape in the summers; a place where they can cool off, unwind and have fun in the summer sun!

There’s nothing better than lounging by a gorgeous swimming pool, soaking in the vitamin D and getting a nice tan in your very own backyard.

Custom swimming pool

Thinking of investing in a swimming pool for your house? Here are a few stunning designs you need to check out first!

1. Organic-Shaped Pools

It’s time to say goodbye to the traditional kidney-shaped swimming pools. The square and rectangular designs also have to go because they’re nothing but boring! If you are investing in a pool this summer, opt for a more contemporary design. Large freeform curved and organic-shaped swimming pool designs are all the hype this season!

2. Above-Ground Rectangular Pool

If your house has modern architecture, then an above-ground rectangular pool would complement your property design the best. With a clear glass surface area, the pool looks like an aquarium. To anyone looking from the deck, the depth would only look knee-high, while in reality, the pool would be deep enough for an adult to dive in.

Swimming Pool

3. Health Spa Swimming Pool

A health spa pool is smaller in size than regular pools, but it provides opportunities for both, recreation and health. If you have limited space in your backyard, then a health spa is a great option, you can use timber decking with vertical straight lines around the pool to make it seem larger than it really is.

4. Pool Integrated Around the House

If you don’t want the pool to just be limited to your backyard, then consider integrating the pool around your entire property! A pool that goes around the house allows you to access it from all the rooms. It’ll also create a cooling effect around your property as the wind blows around the pool area. You can connect one area to another with stepping stones; they’ll add to the aesthetics of your house.

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