Smart Pools: The Internet of Things and Your Pool

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Internet of Things” and how it might relate to your pool, think of it this way: the Internet as we know it is a collection of connected devices and technologies that share information and knowledge to people all around the world. By contrast, the Internet of Things is the network that’s created when devices (the “things”) at your home (including devices that you can use in your pool) are connected to one another and the internet at large, opening a whole new world of capabilities.

Are you ready to make your backyard pool a smart pool? Pools are no longer just bodies of water where we throw birthday parties and relax for the day. These days, according to Forbes, there are myriad companies offering pool services via internet-connected devices.

Instead of checking filters and the balance of chemicals in your pool once a month, pHin will outfit your pool with sensors that can monitor the water temperature, hardness, alkalinity and acidity for you. Connect the system to your home’s wireless network, and pHin can monitor your pool’s chemical content for you, sending a report to your phone, tablet or computer to review. It also is integrated with a chemical supply company, meaning your pool could even order chemicals for you to restore the balance of your pool with ease. pHin’s service currently starts at $269 per year, which is a fraction of what the typical pool owner pays for chemicals and regular pool maintenance annually.

cFloat is another company offering connected pool services. Their device also floats in the pool, and sends real time data about the pool’s water chemistry straight to your smartphone. The cFloat even triggers an alarm when it detects motion in the pool water when no one’s supposed to be swimming. It can also measure the size of cannonballs and score dives, so it can even make your pool experience more fun.

The Internet of Things tech trend is not going away anytime soon, and there are a range of other connected devices available that can further enhance your overall pool experience, including smart lighting controls and music playing capabilities. You can have a smart and integrated home, and now that’s extended out to your pool, as well.

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